Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme

Ustinov Research Round table

With the success of the first Research Round Table event, the second Research Round Table came back for Ustinovians to share and discuss their research topics. The event is hosted by the Seminar Series team of the Ustinov’s Global Citizenship Programme (GCP).

In this second Research Round Table, there are three speakers across departments including Geography, Philosophy and Business School. The first speaker, Giselle Eugenia Connell from Department of Geography, shared about the memory and meaning of dance-mappings after the genocide in Rwanda. The second speaker, Angelos Sofocleous from Department of Philosophy, talked about the reason why law of nature should be redefined as law of the system and the interaction of supernatural and physical systems. The last speaker, Antonios M. Vasilatos from Business School, presented his research interests in the area of Microeconomics in Greece’s Tourism and explained how economic events affect Tourism’s growth.

During the discussion, this event offers an opportunity for participants to ask and discuss in the speakers’ topics in order to help speakers develop the quality of the research, gain new experience and share new ideas. Apart from the topics’ discussion, the socialising and networking with international students are one of the highlights of this event, building the sense of community.

We welcome all speakers and participants to discuss further topics. If you are interested in our upcoming event, please stay connected through our social medias such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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