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My name is Chelsea Peer, and I am from the United States (though my heart definitely lives in England). If you ask me where in the US I’m from, I’ll cringe. I moved from state to state as a kid and I’ve never really felt at home in one place. I guess that’s why I love exploring new places. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved writing and telling stories. When I was in high school, I discovered a love for editing and telling stories through film, and as a university student I discovered a love of research and telling stories from the past—through the written word and through museums. Now I’m here at Durham to earn an MA in Archaeology and to help tell the story of Ustinov as the MedPub Team Lead and editor for The Ustinovian.

My name is Adam Burge and I was born in the rural areas of Kentucky, USA (think KFC). I’m currently pursuing an MA in Greece, Rome and the Near East and tend to pass my time attempting to make sense of obscure ancient texts. While also being an editor for the Ustinovian, I also build the backend platforms that allow the editors to collaborate with Ustinovian writers. For fun, I like to learn languages (Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Akkadian are my newest projects), cook, and take long walks and meditate to the sweet sounds of Giovanni Sollima and Ólafur Arnalds.

My name is Deshon Griffith and I’m from Barbados where we spend our warm tropical days sipping rum cocktails on the beach (well… maybe not every day but a boy can dream). I’m a naval officer and maritime lawyer by profession i.e. a Naval Judge Advocate (think Tom Cruise in ‘A Few Good Men’). I’ve completed my first masters in International Maritime Law and I’m currently finishing up my second in Defence, Development and Diplomacy. My research covers collective maritime security in the Caribbean and I have a professional interest in humanitarian mediation and sustainable development. After hours, I’m usually either writing a creative piece, doing something out in nature or I’m at “The Library” ;).

The Ustinovian Editors

Hi! I’m Elise, currently completing my MA in Translation Studies. I’m also part of the Ustinov women and mixed badminton teams and enjoy crispy and sunny walks, a good book, indie movies, Effective Altruism discussions and Guinness.




Hi, I’m Tom Toward, editor for the Ustionvian while studying my MSc in Defence, Development and Diplomacy. When I get a spare minute I enjoy rowing, reading and spending excessive amounts of time involved in films and games (so if you write an article on a text-based rowing game with cutscenes, you know where to send it).



Julie Garg is currently completing an MA in English Literary Studies at Durham. She hails from the United States where she attended Penn State University. When she’s not reading for seminars or falling into a research rabbit hole (courtesy of Durham University Library of course) she enjoys cooking, visiting museums, good conversations, and running.