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The Ustinovian

Many GCP team members are also writers, photographers, and editors for the highly regarded college magazine The Ustinovian, which reports (online and in print) on college life and news for current students, staff, alumni, and friends of the College.

The Ustinovian caters to a broad postgraduate readership, covering the activities of the Graduate Common Room (GCR) and Senior Common Room (SCR), all the clubs and societies at Ustinov, current affairs, leisure, social and academic events, and travel around Durham, the North East, and beyond. Read our latest publication below and follow us on Facebook

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2019 Edition

The Pantomath

Ustinov College occupies a unique position as Durham University’s sole postgraduate-only College with a wide range of research projects and experiences associated with its student and staff communities.  To celebrate the breadth of research and scholarly activity at Ustinov College, in 2020 the Media and Publications Team launched Ustinov College’s first scholarly journal – The Pantomath.  

The name ‘Pantomath’ is derived from the Ancient Greek πάντα μαθήματα (pánta mathḗmata) which roughly translates to ‘all the subjects’. As such, The Pantomath aims to demonstrate the high quality and diversity of  research undertaken by our postgraduate researchers, staff and supporters to the wider local and University communities, while also providing opportunities for personal and professional development to Ustinov College’s students. 

Would you like to write for the Pantomath Journal?

We are currently accepting submissions for our 2020 publication. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 8 May. See below for information of content. To submit, follow this link.

Pantomath Submission Guidelines

College Staff Articles 

– College Staff Articles should give an overview of any research they have recently done or published.

– approx. 250-500 words.


Alumni Articles

– Reflective essays. Primarily discuss where the alum is now, what they do, and/or how Ustinov played a role in their academic journey.

– approx. 250 words each.


Travel Award Reports 

– Taken from required reports for Ustinov Travel awards, Norman Richardson Postgraduate Research Fund and Arklight Fund recipients.

– Gives an overview of the project proposed for the travel awards and reports how the project was carried out, completed, and final thoughts.

– approx. 500 words each.


GCP Scholars Reports

– Overview of the scholars’ research projects, their role in the Global Citizenship Programme, and any overlap between the two.

– approx. 500 words each.

Ustinov Visiting Fellow Articles

– Gives an overview of the fellow’s research projects and developments while at Ustinov

– approx. 500 words.


Ustinov Scholars Articles

– Gives an overview of the scholars’ research project and explains how they see their research contributing to their field. 

– These articles should not present any field-specific research which contributes to the field. That content should be submitted to relevant journals in their field.

– 500-1,000 words each.


Ustinov Annual Conference Report

– Overview of the conference theme and its importance from the Ustinov Annual Conference Team. This may be a collaborative piece by members of the team.

– approx. 500-750 words.