Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme

The Ustinov Round Table

by Sirapat Saksawat

Photography by Pattaranun Chaisudhiphongskul

After the success of previous research roundtables, the GCP Seminar Team organised the third research round table of the year on Tuesday 18th June 2019. This time we had three speakers that shared and discussed their research topics from across departments, including Law, Computer Science, Archaeology and Engineering.

The first speaker was Ran Cao from Law Department. He talked about a new approach to protected groups for the crime of genocide in international criminal law.

The second speaker, Matthew Roberts from Computer Science and Archaeology Department, presented a new way of using the computer vision software and machine learning to automatically classify and cluster image data, which is provided by the Durham University Oriental Museum.
The final presentation was delivered by Jose Antonio Marquez Ruiz from the department of Engineering. He shared a model of oil and gas extraction from the underground, aiming at efficiency and cost-effectiveness in order to avoid the mix of water during the production.
During the Q&A session, we offered the opportunity to the speakers to further discuss their research in a friendly atmosphere and get feedback from the audience. After this, different students shared their research interests as well, successfully creating a platform for networking and socialising with students from several departments.
The GCP Seminar Team would like to thank our speakers and everyone who joined our event. Since this was our last event for the academic year, we look forward to seeing you in our upcoming events next year.

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