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Ustinov Seminar

The Ustinov Seminar, founded to enrich academic discussions, hosts wide-ranging, interdisciplinary seminars and a forum for postgraduate students to meet and share their research. Speakers come along to rehearse a potential conference paper, practice presentation skills in a relaxed and friendly environment, or simply enjoy introducing their projects and ideas to a multidisciplinary audience. The Ustinov Seminar also sponsors Faith, Science and Academia (FSA), a seminar series jointly established in 2014 by Ustinov College and St. John’s College in order to promote open-minded engagement with broad issues surrounding faith and science.

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Exploring Global Citizenship

5th May – Cinco de Mayo

By Diana Martinez-Trejo First, we share a little bit of history…. In 1861, Benito Juárez—a lawyer and member of the indigenous Zapotec tribe—was elected as the president of Mexico. At the time, the country was in financial ruin after years of internal strife, and the new president was forced to default on debt payments to

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Seminar Series

The Ustinov Round Table

by Sirapat Saksawat Photography by Pattaranun Chaisudhiphongskul After the success of previous research roundtables, the GCP Seminar Team organised the third research round table of the year on Tuesday 18th June 2019. This time we had three speakers that shared and discussed their research topics from across departments, including Law, Computer Science, Archaeology and Engineering.

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Ustinov Intercultural Forum

UIF Oriental Museum Workshop: Power

By Sanjukta Nair Photographs by Ines Pandzic and Matthew Roberts Due to the vast collection of artefacts that our local Oriental Museum holds in storage, it is impossible to see all that there is to see in a single trip. Hence it is customary for the UIF to organise multiple museum visits in an academic

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Café Scientifique

Women in Science – The life of researcher

By Giorgio Manzoni After the first successful edition of the life of a researcher, this time other four well-known researchers decided to join the café scientifique team to discuss what it means to undertake an academic career as a woman. First talk was by Ruth Gregory, a famous mathematician and recipient of the Maxwell Medal

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Volunteering and community engagement

“Walk down memory lane” Alzheimers Society

By Kristine Kivle Sunday 26th of May the GCP volunteering team, alongside the GCR D.U.C.K team hosted the first Ustinov charity walk/run at Sheraton Park. “Walk down memory lane” was put on in partnership with the UK Alzheimer’s society to help fundraise the incredible work they do for individuals, families and groups affected by Alzheimer’s

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Café Politique

Venezuela: Why the Humanitarian Crisis Matters

On the 17th May 2019, Café Politique hosted an informative event regarding the current crisis in Venezuela. Topics covered included the political climate, human rights implications and the energy crisis. Our speakers were Maryhen Jimenez Morales from the University of Oxford and Daniela Guerra from Queen Mary’s University and the Co-Founder and General Coordinator of

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