Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme

Race, Crime and Justice

The Race, Crime, and Justice project offers a platform for the discussion of problematic aspects of race, crime, and justice from both a UK and an international perspective. The forum brings together experts in the field, including international scholars, activists, and stakeholders for seminars, debates, visits and conferences. The forum also supports the work of the Race Crime and Justice Regional Research Network, which undertakes independent and commissioned research to analyse policy and practice issues in relation to the experience of ethnic minorities within the criminal justice system.

"As team leaders, we have organised a range of events which aim to get to the heart of complex issues of race, crime and justice; drawing in speakers with lived experiences who are able to share their stories, as well as academics whose work seeks to help redress the balance for those dealing with prejudice and discrimination in their everyday lives. Our postgraduate lives have been thoroughly enriched as a result of our participation in the forum, and the continuous exchange of ideas and the opportunity to engage in debate with scholars from around the world has benefited our own academic study too."
Raven Bowen and Vicky Meaby
PhD Applied Social Sciences / PhD Applied Social Sciences/ Geography

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