Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme

Global Citizenship Exchange

Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme are partnering with The McCusker Centre for Citizenship at the University of Western Australia in Perth, offering an opportunity for students to explore questions around global citizenship in theory and practice. Specific activities include:

  • research (could be for an MA or PhD dissertation) relating to global citizenship, community engagement, empowering learners, and creating spaces for dialogue
  • community-based internships at the host centre
  • developing a global citizenship curriculum
  • coursework offered by the host centre
  • participating in projects or activities of the host centre

The exchange opportunity for outgoing Ustinov students is expected to entail:

  • short exchange running from 4 to 12 weeks commencing available from April 2018
  • open to all Ustinov postgraduate students, provided visa requirements are met
  • eligible for Ustinov College Global Citizenship Travel Awards of up to £500
    free accommodation at UWA subject to availability

To find out more, email

We welcomed Nic Mattock, our first exchange student from UWA to Ustinov College in December 2017. Nic is volunteering with a local Durham charity, participating in GCP activities, and undertaking research on global citizenship and perceptions of well-being. To read more about Nic’s research, click here.