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Ustinov 5th Annual Conference

Sheraton Park, Ustinov College

Under the Microscope: Global Citizenship, Immigration and the Refugee Crisis The Ustinov Annual Conference provides an interactive and fun space for dialogue between students, faculty and practitioners to explore questions of global citizenship at the intersection of academic theory and real life practice. Participants of the 2019 conference are invited to present their work and ... Read more

The equation of the Universe

Seminar Room, Sheraton Park Sheraton Park, Durham

In this event I will share everything that I have learnt about the Universe in my career as an astrophysicist. In particular, the challenge is to present the equation which describes the expansion of the universe, in a way that also a child can understand. I will explain how little we know about the Universe  ... Read more

‘Your Durham’: Visual Arts Workshop

Seminar Room, Sheraton Park Sheraton Park, Durham

'Your Durham’ is a visual arts workshop aiming to gather students worldwide in Ustinov to exchange their Durham experiences via different artistic performances. Different people may react differently towards the same city, deriving from their different cultural backgrounds and from their personal affections projected upon the city. As one of the most multi-cultural College in ... Read more