Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme

“Walk down memory lane” Alzheimers Society

By Kristine Kivle

Sunday 26th of May the GCP volunteering team, alongside the GCR D.U.C.K team hosted the first Ustinov charity walk/run at Sheraton Park. “Walk down memory lane” was put on in partnership with the UK Alzheimer’s society to help fundraise the incredible work they do for individuals, families and groups affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Every three minutes, someone in the UK develops dementia. This means almost all of us knows someone affected by the disease. Dementia doesn’t just affect old people but is increasingly affecting younger people as well. Currently, there is no cure for dementia despite heavy efforts by scientists and doctors. Memories are some of the most important things we have and the architecture of our identity. That is why we chose the Alzheimer’s society as our organisation and wanted to contribute to their cause.


Some of our volunteers managed the table with delicious cakes and food.

The framework of the event was simple, we invited Ustinovians, students, faculty, staff, the local community, family and friends to contribute to our goal of walking/running 50 km in 1,5 hours. At Sheraton Park we made a loop where participants could walk or run as many rounds as they wanted to within the time frame. 25 people contributed and together we managed to run/walk 671 rounds(!!). Ustinovian, Daniel Barnett, was on fire that Sunday and completed 167 rounds BY HIMSELF!! Because of this collective effort we managed to reach our goal!o.

The Alzheimer’s society managed a nice information booth during the event.

The event was not only limited to walking and running but featured a variety of family entertainment. The children (but also some grown-ups) decorated cupcakes, used their creativity at the arts and craft table and got their face painted by our lovely volunteers. Participants also had the opportunity of trying a variety of food and drinks. With Chinese rice cakes, Norwegian “Boller”, English lemon cake, energy bars, hot chocolate and bubble tea, to mention a small selection, our taste buds also got a workout. The delicious cakes and pastries were exchanged for donations to the Alzheimer’s society, who also contributed with their volunteers. The Alzheimer’s society hosted a very useful information booth were those passing by could ask their questions regarding Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Some of our runners in action, while others are taking a well-deserved rest on the lawn.

Unfortunately, the event was held on a rainy bank holiday Sunday, the turnout was thus not as good as we had hoped for. Despite this we had a great day and managed to raise £197.40 for an incredibly important cause.


Daniel Barnett ran 167 rounds!! How cool is that?

As the head of the volunteering team I would like to thank all our volunteers for the effort, time and fun they put into this event. I would further like to thank all those who came to the event and made it a success, as well as those who supported the online campaign. Lastly, I would like to extend a particularly massive thank you to GCR D.U.C.K Liaison officer, Sumien Deetlefs, who co-organised and hosted the event with me. The College Management Team at Ustinov College also deserve a thank you for all the help and guidance. 

Volunteering at the Christmas Festival

By Kristine Kivle

On the 30th of November the Ustinov GCP volunteering team was fortunate to participate in the Nevilles Cross Christmas festival. Followed by several weeks of planning, organising and other preparations the festival was a great success.

Throughout the afternoon, both local and non-local families, children, students and adults came together to kick off the holiday season. It was a great way to build a bridge between the College and the local community and really get to know our neighbours. We were not only accompanied by humans, but also had a visit from Elvis the Reindeer, two beautiful owls and Santa and his elves.

It was a lovely festival filled with Christmas spirit, tasty treats, arts and crafts as well as Christmas music and other entertainment. For our international students it also gave valuable insight into English Christmas traditions and an opportunity of cultural exchange. All together it was a lovely experience for all involved and put us all in the right Christmas spirit. Our team was also involved in creating the Sheraton Park advent calendar in cooperation with the local community. The calendar is a beautiful display of arts, culture, traditions and Christmas spirit. The calendar can be seen in the windows at Ustinov College throughout December. 
As the Head of the GCP Volunteering team I would like to thank all volunteers for their efforts and help with the Christmas festival. I also want to thank the local resident’s group for embracing us and including us in the project. I would further like to extend a particular thank you to Mandeep Smith for all her efforts and coordination with the project!  Follow our Facebook page for more info on the Christmas Festival: You can also read what the local newspaper had to say about the event here: