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People and Partners

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Durham Global Citizenship Network

A new network, hosted by Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme, St Aidan’s College and the School of Education, open to students, staff, and community partners across the University and local region. The network supports the international Matariki Global Citizenship Programme. It will promote critical exploration of Global Citizenship and the strands of Empowering LearnersCommunity Engagement and Creating Spaces for Dialogue through a series of seminars and workshops, reading groups, as well as providing fellowship and support for researchers at all levels of study.

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Matariki Global Citizenship Programme

The Matariki Network of Universities’ (MNU) Global Citizenship Programme is a newly founded initiative, which aims to improve MNU partner universities’ capacity to be leading institutions in understanding global citizenship and educating global citizens.  It also seeks new pathways for universities to critically explore their own implications, problems and potentials within the issues global citizenship encompasses.  The Programme serves as an umbrella for a variety of multi-institutional activities in education, research and engagement, and aims to involve people and activities both inside and outside the university.


The Programme was launched in April 2016 with an international workshop at Uppsala University, bringing together a group of 27 faculty and students from six MNU partner institutions. During the four-day workshop, participants explored critical notions of global citizenship, shared work and experiences, and collaboratively proposed structures and content for the emerging Global Citizenship Programme. You can find out more on the website here.