Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme


Ustinov College Global Citizenship Programme

Ustinov College is Durham University’s exclusively postgraduate College, our College consists of three sites, all just over a mile from the city centre at Sheraton Park, Howlands Farm and Keenan House. College is the place for postgraduate students to call home – a vibrant, safe and multinational community – supporting academic excellence and offering an unrivalled postgraduate student experience.

The Global Citizenship Programme offers scholarships for specific project and leadership roles for Ustinov students, as well as the opportunity to develop and lead new initiatives – from seminar series, workshops, film clips or publications, to outreach projects, music events, and art exhibitions. It allows students to pursue their own interests and develop leadership and interpersonal skills – and subsidise partly or fully their living costs during studies.Find out more, visit Ustinov College’s webpage.

Holi Hindu spring festival 2016

At Ustinov College, postgraduate students from all over the world (over 100 nationalities) live, study and socialise together – leading some to suggest that a sense of global citizenship grows almost organically in the community. The formalised Ustinov Global Citizenship Programme & Scholarships is built on a simple premise: a number of students get their college accommodation paid for in part or in full by the College. In exchange, they become part of teams and projects; organise seminars, academic conferences, and social and volunteering events; and involve volunteer members in developing global citizenship activities for the benefit of the wider community.

The Global Citizenship Programme & Scholarships are open to all current and prospective full time members of Ustinov College, from any subject or discipline.

For more information, visit here. For enquiries about joining the GCP as a volunteer, please email

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